Corsica is a charming, rustic, rugged island easily accessible from Nice via regular ferry crossings. Take your car, bikes, boat along with a suitcase and book a small hotel, guest house or take a tent and stay on one of the many beachside camp sites. 

This place is fab.. you leave the comfort of La Cachette for 3 days or so and sleep by the shore in a tent… how romantic. Talk about relaxation. I took a 5 day tour with tent, bike and car. I landed at Bastia and left from Llle Rousse. I stayed in a new location each day. The coast line is greater than the Balearic Islands and there are 4 times less people. The Italian influence mixed with the French is lovely. Bonifacio in the south is a stunning town high above the marina – absolutely magical. I’m thrilled to have discovered it. 

The island is much bigger than you would imagine and is famous for the GR20, a tough walk. The higest peak is 2300m. There are turquoise bays, sandy beaches, cool winds and lots to do from swimming, beaches, walking, hiking, riding, cycling, canyoning, rafting, water sports, quad bikes safaris, rock climbing for all abilities and novices, 4×4 adventures, rope climbing throught the forests, architecture, sailing, canoeing, fine foods and anything else I have missed!

Here is a link to ferry crossings and times.

Corsica offers loads as you will see from exploring the internet.

If you want to add a third dimension to your holiday, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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